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  • Integral advise in everything related to Foreign Trade.
  • Goods clearance in the different modalities, according to the valid norms and dispositions with services management in every jurisdiction in the country with offices in the main ports, airports, and borders in Colombia.
  • Paperwork management such as Import Licenses, Andean Value Licenses, DTA forms, and every other required by the norm.
  • Import, export, DTA Customs Transit.
  • Classifying, fulfilling and transaction to get the approval of Import Licenses and Registries with the Colombian authority.
  • Clearance and electronic payment according to the latest law revision and the Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior V.U.C.E.
  • Payment of the Customs Tax to the entities authorized by the Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales D.I.A.N.

Globalco.com.co - Customs Broker Level 2

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    ED Colfecar Business Center, Bogotá
  • Móbil: 311 592 3121

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