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GLOBAL CUSTOMS OPERATOR S.A.S LEVEL 2, offers to assist foreign trade users with a liable, secure and on time, customs brokerage and forwarding solutions according to the established agreements and our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes; by establishing alliances of mutual benefit with suppliers and clients. 

GLOBAL CUSTOMS OPERATOR S.A.S. was incorporated on august 31st, 1.995, and licensed by DIAN as Custom Broker Level 2 with resolution 0002849 dated on March 26th, 2010.

We are known in the sector because of our customized solutions service, supported on the technologic tools to the traceability and liability of our processes

Mission Statement

By 2.020 we will be one of the Colombian leading companies by generating excellent quality of integral foreign trade services, based on the experienced and knowledgeable team and cutting-edge technology to guarantee the success and satisfaction of our clients.


In five years we will be a leading company in comprehensive foreign trade services, with innovative technology; committed to its human capital, supply chain and environment, guaranteeing quality, success and satisfaction to our clients.

Quality Policies

GLOBAL CUSTOMS OPERATOR S.A.S LEVEL 2, Provides customs brokerage services. Offering agility and opportunity. We are committed to the fulfillment of the applicable Customs and Foreign Trade laws, through our knowledgeable team. We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients with a competent human team, and a continuous process improvement policy.

Quality Objectives

• To implement activities showing the continuous improvement of the company Quality Management System to increase customer satisfaction.

• To provide continuous personnel training to meet the personnel training program milestones.

• To fulfill law and clients requirements.

• To accomplish with the times agreed.

Ethical Principles

Nuestras actuaciones y las de nuestros colaboradores se enmarcan dentro de los valores de:

• Respect

• Ethics

• Accountability

• Integrity

• Law enforcement

These principles apply to every operation, and describe the expected behavior of all of us in the development of our activities both, inside and outside the company.

Ethical Code

The principles established in our ethical code are:

• The Truth

• Cordiality

• Punctuality

• Equality

• Honesty and transparency

• Prevalence of the common benefit

• Professionalism.

Custom broker service liable, secure an on time.



Head Quarters

  • Address: AV CL 24 95 A 80 OF 404
    ED Colfecar Business Center, Bogotá
  • Móbil: 311 592 3121

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